There's nothing better than watching a movie, especially if you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home theater. Creating a theater in your own home makes it possible to enjoy movies without the expense and inconvenience of going to an actual theater to see them. If you've decided to design a theater in your own home, make sure you go beyond the basic plans. Add some amenities that will set your home theater apart from all the rest. Here are four amenities you should add to your home theater:

Start with Theater Seating

When you design your new home theater, you want more than just your basic seating. Instead of adding traditional recliners and couches, bring in theater seating. Larger, more luxurious leather recliners will provide you with a more comfortable movie-viewing experience. Want to create a more romantic viewing experience? Go with dual-recline home theater seating. You and your partner will be able to curl up together and watch movies.

Bring on the Popcorn Machine

There's nothing better than fresh popcorn during the movie. Unfortunately, when you're at home, you're usually limited to stove top or microwave popcorn. While that's okay, it's not the best popcorn for movie viewing. To give yourself an authentic movie-viewing experience, purchase a theater-quality popcorn machine. You'll get fresh-popped popcorn whenever you want it. Don't forget to include the butter warmer, and theater popcorn salt.

Include a Refreshment Center

Once you have the popcorn, you're also going to need some additional refreshments. Your home theater will need a full-service refreshment center, complete with a hot dog maker, soda fountain, and mini-bar for the adult movie-viewers. Don't forget to include a refrigerator so you can store plenty of additional snacks that your guests may want during the movie.

Finish with Soundproofing

When you're watching a movie, the last thing you want is to have it interrupted by noise. Unfortunately, when you have a theater in your home, your movie can be interrupted by noises throughout the house. That's why it's important that you add soundproofing to your new home theater. Soundproofing your new home theater will allow you to enjoy movies without being interrupted by things like the neighbor's dogs, or the washing machine.

Now that you're designing a home theater, make sure you pull out all the stops and go beyond the basic. Include the amenities mentioned here to design a home theater that will completely satisfy all your movie-viewing desires. Contact a company that has a popcorn machine for sale for more information and assistance.