It's common for a bathroom floor to be finished in vinyl or tile, but it can be useful to add a small area rug to this space. Any flooring store that specializes in rugs will have all sorts of area rugs that are suitable for use in the bathroom. Whereas some bath mats can be thin and less than visually appealing, a rug in this part of your home can offer the comfort, look, and functionality that you want. With many different products on the market, you can choose a size and color that will suit the bathroom.

Here are three benefits of using an area rug in your bathroom. 


Bathroom floors can often be slippery when they're wet, which poses a hazard to your family members. For example, if someone has wet feet after a shower or bath, they could easily slip and fall while walking across a vinyl or tile floor. An area rug in the bathroom immediately adds a high degree of traction. Rugs designed for use in this part of the home commonly have rubber on their underside, which will ensure that the rug doesn't slide even when the flooring beneath it is wet. Your family members will be able to walk with confidence on a rug in the bathroom.


Many flooring types can feel cold when you walk on them in bare feet. Whether you've just stepped out of the shower or you're using the bathroom in the middle of the night, it can be unpleasant to walk on a cold floor with your bare feet. Having an area rug in this space will add a cozy, warmer feeling underfoot. This can especially be pleasant if you're standing in front of the mirror or sitting on the toilet for a prolonged period.


A lot of people use area rugs in their bathrooms to provide a sense of style. There are lots of ways to choose a rug that will visually suit this space. For example, you might choose something that will match the window drapes or the shower curtain. Alternatively, you might look for a small area rug that matches the towels that hang on the walls. A bright-colored rug can especially be a stylish addition to a bathroom that has mostly neutral tones and looks a bit bland. Look for a small area rug for your bathroom at a local flooring store.