If you are planning on taking a beach trip with your kids this summer, here is a guide on what you should bring with you to make sure that the experience is as enjoyable as possible.

#1 First Aid Kit

Although a trip to the beach is supposed to be all fun, accidents to happen and nothing ruins a fun trip more than a cut or scrape that you can't treat. Bring a small first aid kit with you to the beach so you can take care of any minor mishaps that happen to your family while you are enjoying your day.

#2 Sunscreen

You are going to want to keep your family safe by bringing some sunscreen as well. Pack some waterproof sunscreen, and remember to reapply the sunscreen every couple of hours. Even if the sunscreen is waterproof, it will wear off eventually if you spend a lot of time in the water or sweating, that sunscreen is going to wear off.

#3 Flip Flops

When going to the beach, you are going to want to make sure that you bring the right footwear. Make sure that your entire family has a set of flip-flops that they can slip into on the beach. This will make the hot sand more bearable and will ensure that your regular shoes don't get filled with sand.

#4 Cover Your Face

All that time on the beach can really scorch your face, even if you put on sunscreen. Be sure to protect your face by bringing sunglasses for everyone as well as some fun, large hats. This will help keep you cool as well. If you don't want to take your expensive sunglasses to the beach, pick up some pairs at the local dollar store just for your beach trips.

#5 Beach Shirt

If you really plan on being at the beach all day, you should bring a beach shirt for everyone in your family. A beach shirt can be a nice shirt that has a loose fit or is a little oversized so that your family members can easily slip into them. This is a great way to protect your shoulders and body from getting sunburned on the beach. It can also be nice to cover up a little when you are not in the water. 

#6 Water

Don't forget to bring lots of water with you to the beach. You are going to want to bring drinking water so everyone stays hydrated while playing in the sand. You may want to bring it in a rolling ice chest to keep the water cool.

You should also bring a few gallons of water for rinsing off. That way, everyone in your family can rinse off the sand before getting in the car. Although some beaches have showers, not all do, which is why you should bring some water to rinse off with as well as drink with you to the beach.

Of course, you should also pack beach towels, chairs, a good book or magazine, tools for building a sandcastle and fun toys like Frisbees and balls to the beach with you. Check out lifeatsealevel.com for more information.