Shopping for holidays like Christmas includes a lot of giving to family and friends. You could also expand the way you shop with the inclusion of more charitable actions in some of the ways you shop. A little extra thought and effort can really help those in need during the holiday season. 

Check out some of the ways to increase your charitable shopping around Christmas and how each method will truly help those in need.

1. Shop At Charitable Websites

You may already have your favorite websites you love to shop at, but you can expand your options and choose to shop at websites that specifically support various forms of charity. For example, when you shop to provide cancer support, the proceeds from your purchases will go to cancer patients who seek extra money for medical bills and everyday needs.

The websites often offer a wide range of items and the opportunity to find good deals on those items. When you dedicate a little extra time to those websites, the proceeds can make a big difference and add charitable efforts while you shop for others.

2. Direct Shipping Gifts

When you shop to provide support to those in need, you could expand your options even further with direct shipping to charitable causes. Choose a charity you want to support and see if they have a mailing address that is used to accept donations. As you shop online for holiday gifts, you can create a separate online shopping cart and ship specific items directly to a charity.

For example, you could choose some blankets to ship directly to a prostate cancer support group. You could ship toys directly to a toy collection company. Go through the various options to see the best choices. You could even involve your family and have everyone decide on the best charity to donate to.

3. Double Up Products And Donations

As you go through your holiday gift list, consider choosing some gifts to double up on. If you find a great deal on a product, you could order two of the same product and then donate the extra one to a charity. The process makes it easy to donate extra gifts and you can take advantage of sales and deals at the same time.

If you choose to shop to provide prostate cancer support, then the extra purchases can increase the proceeds even further and help create more charitable donations.

Once you build a habit of charitable efforts around the holidays, you can repeat the same process year after year.