When you shop for a handmade necktie, you're probably going to be focused on two things at first. The design of the tie will often be the main thing that you consider, while you'll also evaluate whether the width of the tie suits your personal style. Buying a tie is about more than just assessing the design and the width, however. You should also take note of the length. While a lot of ties are a standard length, you'll see some at any men's clothing retailer that are extra long. Not everyone needs an extra-long tie, but if one of these situations is applicable to you, you'll appreciate the extra length.

You're Extremely Tall

If you're extremely tall, buying an extra-long tie is an idea to consider. People who have long torsos can sometimes find that their ties don't hang low enough. The pointed tip of your necktie should sit at about the waist of your pants. However, when someone is extremely tall, they may notice that the tip of their tie doesn't hang down this far. You might not like the look of having your tie appear so short; buying an extra-long product will help to ensure that your tie looks right on your body.

You Have A Large Midsection

Men who have large midsections can also benefit from buying ties that are extra long. When your midsection sticks out, your tie will follow the shape of it. In most cases, this means that the tip of a conventional tie won't make it to the top of your pants. Because your tie will look short on you, you may even find that it accentuates the size of your midsection. A good solution is to shop for a tie that is longer than normal, as this will ensure that it hangs at the appropriate point of your body.

You Favor Large Knots

The size of the knot in a tie will also influence where the tip of the tie sits on your torso. While a small knot uses just a small portion of the tie, a larger knot can use a lot of the tie — resulting in the tip sitting higher on your torso than you'd like. If you're the type of person who loves the look of large knots and constantly uses this style, you may find that an extra-long tie is a better choice. Browse a variety of extra-long ties at your local men's clothing and accessories store, or contact an online supplier of handmade ties.