When you decide that you want carpet in one of the rooms of your home, the first step in the process will be to choose the type of carpet that suits you. Visit a local carpet store that carries a wide range of options so that you can browse some samples and set aside some designs that catch your eye. You don't need to make a final decision about your carpet during this visit, however. Many carpet stores allow you to take small samples home, which can be a good way to evaluate whether a particular type of carpet will be the right choice. Here are three ways to assess the samples that you take home.

Check How They Match

Place your samples on the floor in the room that you're looking to get carpeted, and then take a couple of steps back. It's important to look at the color of each carpet sample to check how it matches or complements other elements in the room. Unless you're planning to repaint the room and perhaps buy new furniture, drapes, and other elements, you want the carpet color to be a good visual fit. Check how it looks in various types of light — with the lights in the room on and off, for example — as this will give you the best sense of each sample's color at various times of the day.

Walk On Them

The carpet samples that you take home are small, but they're typically large enough to give you the ability to assess how they feel underfoot. Don't hesitate to walk on each of the samples, as this will be a good way to assess the feel of the carpet. Some carpets are softer than others, and you may especially want a soft carpet in areas like a child's bedroom. Remember, your installation professional will be using padding beneath the carpet during the installation process, so any carpet that you step on will be softer once it's installed.

Leave Them Out For a Few Days

You don't have to make a choice about each carpet sample in just a few minutes. Instead, leave the samples on the floor for a few days, if possible. When you walk past the entrance to the room, take a brief look at the samples. It's possible that one of them will jump out at you — perhaps it feels very cozy and welcoming, or maybe you get an exciting feeling when you see it. By taking these steps, you'll be able to choose the right carpet that you want to be installed. To learn more, visit a carpet supplier like Carpet Discount Warehouse.