If you have someone in your life that is very into science fiction and fantasy, then you know just how important it is to give them the right gift. With so many different options out there, though, it can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming.

1. Collectible Pins

Pins, such as Star Trek collectible pins, are a fun way for your loved one to show their admiration for their favorite show, book, or movie. With lapel pins, in particular, they can do a variety of different things with them including putting them on display at their house, putting them on a bag or lanyard, or actually wearing them on their lapel to work. One fun thing about pins is that there are so many of them out there so you can give them one now for their birthday or special occasion, and then one for every holiday after that. Essentially it will become a tradition for you to give them a collectible pin.

2. Tickets to a Comic Convention

Whether you have a local gathering or you want to send your loved one to the original Comic-Con, this will make an amazing gift. The fun thing about these conventions is that they have a variety of different genres that they cover and not just science fiction and fantasy. During one of these conventions, they can meet famous actors and actresses from their favorite shows, mingle with others, take fun pictures, and even dress up like their favorite character.

3. Costumes

Whether your loved one likes to dress up to go to events like Comic-Con, they are into games like Live Action Role Playing, or they just like to have costumes for fun, giving them a costume of their favorite character is another fun gift idea. With so many different online boutiques out there, you can find costumes that are homemade and look pretty close to the real thing. 

Gift giving (when done right) can really make someone's day, holiday, or birthday. One of the best things you can do when giving someone a gift is to really hone in on their interests. If your loved one is really into science fiction or fantasy, then these options will all make gifts that they will hopefully love, treasure, and be thankful for. To learn more about these and other gifts, reach out to a boutique or retailer near you that sells these items.