Having birds on your property can add to the charm of your yard while also helping to keep pest populations low. Unfortunately, many homeowners will fail to take steps to promote birds to live on their property. In particular, mistakes with placing birdhouses around the property may inadvertently make it harder to encourage these birds to spend time on your property.

Decide If There Is A Type Of Bird That You Wish To Attract

Before you start buying birdhouses for your property, a few moments should be taken to determine whether there is a particular type of bird that you are wanting to attract as this can greatly impact the type of birdhouse that would be the most likely to provide the results you want. For example, some birds will prefer open nesting sites while others will prefer enclosed nesting sites. In addition to impacting the physical design and dimensions of the birdhouse, this could also determine where the birdhouses should be placed.

Ensure The Birdhouse Has Good Airflow

When choosing a birdhouse, the airflow is one feature that should be considered. Individuals will often purchase birdhouses that have no ventilation holes, and this can lead to several problems. In addition to making the birdhouse less comfortable for the birds, it can also promote the growth of hazardous molds due to water being unable to evaporate. If you have already chosen a birdhouse that lacks good airflow, you may find that adding a couple of holes to the top or back of the birdhouse can help to improve air circulation.

Perform Yearly Care Of The Birdhouses

Some individuals will put up their birdhouses and then give little thought to them. However, they will need yearly maintenance if you are to keep them enticing to birds. In particular, they should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before the start of spring. Otherwise, the previous nest could be unsanitary, which could discourage new birds from using it or cause them to contract illnesses. Ideally, this work should be done when the winter temperatures are still cold so that you will not have to worry about disturbing active nests.

Securely Anchor The Birdhouses

Strong storms can cause birdhouses to detach from trees or other surfaces. Combating this will require investing in suitable anchors for the birdhouses. The screws and anchors that hold the birdhouses in place should also be checked every year to make sure that they have not started to loosen.

To learn more about birdhouses, contact a company that has birdhouses for sale online.