When you want to buy discount kitchenware, do you scrounge the Sunday ads of your local newspaper, hoping to find an unbeatable deal? You could do that, but you would be missing several other deals that are even better. Big box stores boast big discounts, but honestly, they do not have the kinds of discounts you would really enjoy. When you are a major bargain hunter with a reputation for finding some awesome deals, you always want more good tips on finding whatever it is you are looking for. Here are a few tips on where you can buy discount kitchenware:

Marketplaces Inside Social Media Apps

Discovering that these virtual flea markets exist may leave you feeling giddy with excitement. When you find one, there are thousands of entries from people selling things all over the country. It is best to buy as local as you can, in case something arrives damaged, but do not ignore those amazing bargains you can pick up. Sometimes sellers are really just giving things away, like several extra kitchen spatulas that are in their drawers, or a spoon rest they never use. Others have single-serve coffee makers they received as presents but are willing to sell you at half price. It is a bargain bonanza, if you know exactly what you want. 

Speaking of Flea Markets...

Flea markets are still a thing people do on weekends in warmer weather. Find out where these markets are in your area. It is akin to having a city-wide garage sale, as you can find just about anything and everything for sale at these markets. Some are even hosted in local expo halls, so do not forget to look there. 

Dollar Stores and Drug Stores/Pharmacies

Bet you never thought of checking dollar stores, did you? Dollar stores may sell a lot for a buck, but they also sell hand mixers, coffee makers (of the percolating type), irons, and even toasters for under ten dollars. Likewise, drug stores and pharmacies that sell more than just medicines and cosmetics often have a variety of small kitchen appliances and kitchen tools for you to purchase. They may cost just a little more than the dollar stores, but it is worth checking out if you cannot find what you want anywhere else. 

Do Not Forget Garage Sales...

It is garage and yard sale season! There are going to be sales of this type all over the city near you. Fridays and Saturdays are the best times to go looking for these bargains and sale locations, because most people do not hold garage and yard sales on Sundays.