If your wedding anniversary is coming up, you may have already decided to send your wife flowers as part of her gift. However, you may decide that you would like to send something other than a generic, pre-made arrangement. If so, use the following ideas to get you started on personalizing your wife's flower basket for your anniversary.

1.  Choose Her Favorite Flowers For The Arrangement

One way you can add a personalized touch to your wife's anniversary flowers is to feature her favorite flowers to the arrangement. Not only does using flowers she loves most a way to match her unique style, but it also shows how much you still pay attention to the little things after all this time.

If you are uncertain as to which flowers are her favorite, look around for clues. You can see which ones she tends to pay the most attention to while in the garden. Or, see if there is a theme in her choice of decor, clothes, and artwork that features a particular variety.

2.  Ask For An Arrangement Featuring Her Favorite Colors

Another way to make your anniversary flowers unique is to ask for an arrangement that features your wife's favorite colors. If you are not completely certain what they are, you can find out by looking at the colors she normally wears and decorates with.

If her colors are ones that you do not think would be found in flowers, such as blue or black, you may believe that the colors will have to be used in the design of the basket or any ribbons. However, flowers are now modified to feature any color and can be made into gorgeous arrangements.

3.  Consider An Arrangement Similar To Her Bridal Bouquet

If you are still at a loss for what to do to personalize your flower basket, you may want to consider choosing an arrangement that is similar to the bouquet she carried on your wedding day. Using this idea lets her fondly remember one of the most special days of her life.

When you go to order an arrangement such as this, find a few wedding pictures that prominently display the bouquet. Then, take them with you when you visit the florist so they can copy it.

Making the effort to personalize your wife's anniversary flowers can show her how much you truly love her on this memorable day. If you are still having problems coming up with a unique flower arrangement, speak with a florist who offers personalized flower baskets for more ideas. For more information, contact a company such as Marine Florists today.