Are you shopping for a new electric guitar for your husband? Does your husband have an upcoming birthday? Perhaps you are already shopping for his Christmas present and you might even already know what you want to buy. It might be that your husband loves playing his electric guitar, but he is still playing the cheap one he played while he was in high school. If you think it's time for your husband to have a new electric guitar, from looking at Oscar Schmidt electric guitars to checking out other brands like Ibanez or D'Angelico guitars, here are some ideas that might help you.

Find Out First - Before you go shopping for a brand new electric guitar, be sure that this will make your husband happy. For example, if he played in a band with his closest friends, his existing guitar might hold sentimental value and he won't even want a new one. Or, his present guitar was a gift from his parents who are now deceased and he wants to keep it because it reminds him of them. On the other hand, your husband might have strongly hinted or even boldly stated words like, I can't believe I'm still playing the same electric guitar that I played when I was a kid. One of these days I'm treating myself to an Oscar Schmidt, a D'Angelico or a Gibson.

Go Shopping - Unless you also play the electric guitar, you more than likely won't even know where to start when you shop for your husband's gift. If so, consider going to a music shop that has a wide variety of musical instruments. The salesperson will more than likely have the knowledge and the training to help you decide which electric guitar to buy. You probably already know that really good electric guitars are not cheap, whether they are an Oscar Schmidt or another brand that sells fine guitars. The store where you purchase the guitar will more than likely have Christmas promotions that will save you money. Also, the store might have a plan where you pay the guitar off in monthly installment payments. 

As an added treat, consider giving your husband new sheet music with the electric guitar you end up buying for him. From music he loved in his younger years to more current tunes, he will more than likely truly love that you went the extra mile to shop for him.