With winter finally coming to an end, graduation season is just ahead. For those who have special loved ones that are completing high school or earning their college degree, it is natural to want to present them with a gift that will mark their success in the most memorable way possible. If you have a beloved child, grandchild, or friend who deserves a truly special graduation gift, the following reasons will convince you that shadow boxes can fulfill this need with class, warmth, and love. 

Shadow boxes are filled memories of the past and promise for the future

Leaving their school years behind and moving out into the world of career-building and adult responsibilities are certain to cause your loved one to feel both excitement and angst. This is why shadow boxes can be such a powerful gift for them at this time in their lives. By filling the box with special mementos that evoke special memories of the past and adding others to show them what their future may hold, you are giving them something tangible to keep their memories fresh and their dreams for the future bright. 

When deciding what to include, consider selecting a photo or keepsake that represents a special time in each year of the recipient's life or educational history. Also, be sure to include photos of favorite friends, relatives, pets, and even a special first bike or car. Using creative cutting and matting techniques can help to add depth and dimension and to give the shadow box even more visual appeal. 

Shadow boxes are designed to protect keepsakes for a lifetime 

Unlike electronics, money, or even a fancy watch, a well-designed, expertly crafted shadow boxes can last throughout your loved one's lifetime and beyond. Because the contents of a quality shadow box are protected from damaging light and humidity, photos, cards, fabric, and keepsake materials will remain colorful and unfaded for decades longer than they otherwise might. 

Shadow boxes have the power to bring different generations together in appreciation

Giving the gift of a shadow box filled with the most special of memories and mementos is sure to be treasured throughout the lifetime of the recipient. Imagine the fun they will have showing it to their grandchildren a half-century into the future. Because each item in a shadow box is tied to a real memory from the recipient's life, it becomes a living history lesson that younger generations will cherish and continue to pass down. 

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