Here's the thing about Christmas. It's merry and all that, but it can also cost a boat load of cash. Is that a problem for you? If so, from shopping on a very tight budget to getting a loan, here are some things that might help to lighten your load.

Shop Super Smart - Shopping wisely doesn't mean just going to a dollar store, although that's not a bad idea, either. Think about going there for stocking stuffers, for sure. However, don't stay away from places like boutiques and other so-called high end stores. Check those fancy stores out for the amazing deals you might find. For example, look at their summer stock and give your friends and family things they can use when spring and summer arrive. 

And, don't forget to check out pawn shops like Rocky  Mountain Pawn, where you might find exactly what somebody on your list has been wanting. For instance, if you have a son or a daughter who has longed for a guitar, you are more than likely to find one at a pawn shop.

Get A Loan - And, speaking of pawn shops, think about getting some Christmas cash at a pawn shop in your area. Think of things you aren't using, and turn them into money. Do you have jewelry that's just sitting in your drawer because you never wear it? Consider pawning it. Just don't pawn anything that you'll miss later on, something like your mother's wedding pearls. If you do decide to pawn something like your mother's wedding pearls, you can get them back after you have the cash, say after you get your Christmas bonus.

Consider getting a loan right at the place where you do your banking. Have you ever gotten a loan before? If not, don't stress about it. If you have a good credit rating and if you have a good history at your bank, you are more than likely a good candidate for a loan. Of course, you'll need to fill out papers and establish your identity, but that's probably not a big deal when you want to get spending money to shop for those on your Christmas list.

Keep close track of how much money you're spending. And, remember that experiences are often a great gift, and they are often almost free. For example, planning a moonlight picnic with your sweetheart, where you bring all the food, can be a romantic and thoughtful gift.