Rock breaking systems are not something you can just go get at the local big box store. In fact, there are only a few manufacturers that sell these tools and they are specifically designed for certain jobs. The situation dictates the size and type of rock breaker used, though there could be several ways to use one model. Talk with the manufacturer about what size or configuration you will need for your application.

Rock Breakers In Mining

One of the most common uses for a rock breaker is in the mining industry. The machine is a stationary mount and pivots on its base. The rock breaker is hydraulic and mounted at the end of an arm that looks like a backhoe. The material is dumped onto a large steel screen called a grizzle and all the small material drops through to the ore chute. Rocks that are too large stay about the grizzle plate and the rock breaker is swung over the rock then lowered to break the rock into pieces small enough to pass through the plate and drop into the ore chute. Without the rock breaker, there would be a lot more manual work breaking those big rocks up before they could be used.

Quarry Work

Rock breakers are used in quarries around the world every day. These are larger than the mine versions but work in very much the same way. The breaker is mounted to the arm on an excavator and is used to break large boulders into smaller pieces. The rocks often go through a crushing plant and if the rocks are too large they get caught in the crusher. Sometimes a rock breaker is mounted near the crusher to deal with these large rocks when they are caught in the crusher rollers.

Construction Work

Another use for a rock breaker is on a construction project. Anytime there are large rocks to be moved, the rock breaker is a great way to turn them into manageable size rocks. Sometimes these machines will be used to break up concrete as well. The tip is very durable and the tool is strong enough to apply force on the rock or concrete in a small area, forcing it to fracture. Large road projects often have several machines with rock breakers on them available. If the works involves blasting out rock, it is almost a guarantee that there will be boulders that need to be broken down to be hauled off the site. The rock breaker does it so quickly that it is the only tool needed for that purpose.

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