Working at a retail location of often requires a uniform. Uniforms make it easier for customers to recognize your store's employees and it makes it easy for you to spot your employees if the store is crowded. One issue with requiring uniforms is that it can be difficult for some employees to afford or find the right pieces for a uniform. If you want to make sure that uniforms are easily affordable and easy to pair, there are a few changes that you need to make from the typical. Here are some simple ways to make uniforms easy and fashionable for you and your employees. 

Get custom branded polo shirts and keep them in store

One of the best ways to make your employees look similar and professional is to make custom polo shirts. No matter everyone shape and size, a polo shirt will look professional. Customize the polo shirt to add your company name and logo to the front breast or the back of the shirt. Purchase the polo shirts in all sizes from extra small to plus sizes. Instead of allowing employees to take the shirts home, launder the shirts through a professional service or by yourself and leave them in the back of the store. This will ensure that the shirts remain in good condition. This will also ensure that employees do not have to pay for new shirts, allowing cash strapped new employees to begin making money without having to spend money. 

Allow any black pants

Black tends to go with everything. Black pants are easy to find for all genders and come in one shade. For this reason, black pants should be the uniform ticket. Ask that employees wear black slacks along with a white shirt of any kind. These slacks are likely to be in their closet or can be found at discount retail stores. Black pants also show wear and tear less quickly than lighter pants, so employees may not have to replace their pants early. 

Lanyards with employee information

Being able to identify employees is necessary for store security and to make it easy for customers. Gie3 your employee's lanyards with identification badges. These badges can be used to enter employee only areas, as well as sign into any of your computer and register systems. The identifications badges can be used to for customers to find out your employee names and can serve as a clear indication of your brand. Since these can be created with an id printing system, this can be done in store for a low cost. 

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