If your child has reached the time for his high school or college graduation, you must be very proud of his accomplishment. It may seem like yesterday that he was having little friends over for his birthday parties. Now, you may have decided to host a totally different kind of party to celebrate his graduation. If so, here are some considerations.

The Invitations - The first thing you have to decide is whether this is going to be an elaborate event, or if it will be an intimate party with only close friends and family.

  • Send out invitations at least three weeks before the party. Besides the usual information of date, time, and place of your event, it's helpful if you will include the expected attire. Also, don't forget to have a place for RSVPs so that you'll know how many guests will be coming to honor your graduate.
  • Do you want a formal invitation? If so, consider having the invitations done at a print shop.
  • If the party is an informal one, consider sending something fun that you create yourself. One idea is to have a picture of Albert Einstein on the front of the invitation and the words, "Move Over Einstein....You Now Have Competition!" Another idea is to have a picture of your graduate when he was little and photoshop a cap and gown on the picture. The caption could read, "Started Smart.....And Getting Smarter Every Day!"

The Event - If you have decided to go with something elegant, consider hosting a catered dinner. If you're going with a casual theme, a fiesta or a barbecue are both great choices. Either way, don't forget to toast the graduate, inviting friends to add their own toast. Consider asking your graduate to be ready to say some words after the toast, especially thanking those who have helped along the way.

The Gift - Of course, money is almost always welcome. However, consider something more lasting, something that will remind your child of your love and constant caring. A fine watch is the perfect gift! 

  • Pick a brand name that has been around for a long time, such as Oris Watches. When you do this you will know you can trust the workmanship that went to build the watch. In addition, it will have an excellent guarantee.
  • Is your graduate a sports lover? Consider a watch with a silver dial, a titanium case, and an automatic winding chronograph. A leather strap is perfect for this type of watch. If your graduate loves water sports, consider a water resistant watch.
  • Does your graduate lean toward conservative styles? Still pick the automatic winding chronograph, but change the look of the watch. A stainless case paired with a gray dial would be really nice. Add a titanium or stainless steel strap and the look is complete. 

Congratulations on planning a very special event for your graduate.