If the exterior of your home looks drab and unattractive, and you think it makes the house seem dingy or unkept, it's time to spruce the property up. There are a few easy ways you can add style and update the exterior of your home, while displaying your personal interests.

New Shutters and Lighting

Do you have shutters that are damaged, faded or worn? These can be an eyesore, and can make the home look much older than it is. New shutters that are a crisp black, navy blue, or color of choice are a great way to spruce the exterior of your home. If you don't have shutters, try adding them to add accent features to the outside of your home.

Are there patio lights or lanterns on the exterior? Give these a fresh coat of white or dark paint so they stand out, or replacing them, will update the exterior. You may also want to look at newer models. Motion lighting is a great security option, to help scare people away from your property.

Patio Furniture

An outdoor bench with some decorative exterior pillows, or potted plants and decorative planters will add color and life to the porch. You can get many decorative pieces for the patio, along with garden décor for the home. Two chairs and a trunk or coffee table are also fun garden decor ideas. Even a decorative pallet or wreath will add interest to the porch.

Garden Décor

Do you have a garden or greenery that people walk by when they walk up to your front door, or around the yard? Adding garden décor, like decorative rocks, special signs, and banners, are great for seasonal displays. You can get statues, sports themed items and more.

If you have a large garden at the back of the home, or behind the house, you can display garden decorations in both locations.

The exterior of your home is the first thing that people see when they arrive at your home, and your neighbors have to look at it every day. Make your home something that you are proud for people to see, and that people point to because it's so eye catching. If you are worried about the landscaping and the greenery in the yard, talk with a landscaping company about getting help. You can have your yard be beautiful from the curb all the way to the front door.